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What We Do

The Tiny Smiling Faces foundation takes a multi-faceted approach to improving village schools in India, improving and maintaining regular attendance, improving the standard of living for village children, and providing students with a modern-day education and access to further education.


Encouraging Others

Tiny Smiling Faces inspires others to be part of the change. We encourage village residents to help raise funds and support projects in their own village school. With the support of the local community we can more effectively make changes as they are more willing to participate in school improvements. The end result is a more sustainable system in which progress is multiplied.



As more and more of the wealthier families of rural India are sending their children to private schools in nearby cities, moving out of villages, or emigrating, the money and resources that supports rural government schools continues to diminish. A cycle then begins where run-down schools lead to lower attendance and vice versa.


In order to combat this, the Tiny Smiling Faces foundation quickly sets up systems to ensure that students are receiving basic necessities such as food, medicine, and uniforms. Providing these is essential for motivating village children to a


Living Standards

In addition to providing basic necessities, we routinely arrange medical checkups for students. The Tiny Smiling Faces foundation ensures that all health concerns with regards to facilities and equipment are quickly rectified. On top of blatant repairs, we also use our resources to set up and maintain modern day facilities and provide proper school supplies.


Beyond Education

To equip students with the skills they need to advance in the modern world, we set up a stable internet service at schools along with wifi, and make sure that students have access to computers.


We work closely with teachers and government programs to enhance curriculums and provide avenues for post-primary education. Likewise, in order to provide students with the wholesome childhoods they should have, we coordinate with government officials and village locals to arrange extracurriculars, including:


  • Day Events (Medical Day, Career Day, Picture Day, etc.)

  • Field Trips

  • Science Fairs

  • Dances

  • Holiday Festivities

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