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Previous Conditions


The classroom grounds are uneven. Children have no seats or benches and have to sit on the floor. Plans have been made to even the grounds and improve the classroom conditions.

Food Containers

When Arun Patel visited the day care center in January 2014, a teacher of the school told him,"how do they expect us to feed these angels from containers with bugs?" Immediately these containers were replaced with sturdier and safer storage. These new containers are affordable and make a huge difference


The slide had a huge hole and the swing set was missing seats. A new garden was built in its place from a generous donation from Mahesh and Vibha Patel. After the completion of all construction, a new playground was added.

Drinking Fountain

In 2012, new filtration and pumps were added to provide cleaner water with help from Rotary International.

Kitchen and Storage

The kitchen is very cluttered, dirty, and unsanitary. A plan was created to replace the kitchen and add cleaner storage units for food and utensils.

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