"...our mission is to aid and advance the development and well-being of disadvantaged children by providing proper food, medicine, clothing, opportunities for educational advancement, and safe and meaningful recreational activities."

We at the Dalubhai Gopalbhai Patel Fund, Inc. believe that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, societal and scientific advancement,  human rights, or the livelihoods of individuals, there is no better place to start than with the youth of society and their educations. For each and every person, a childhood is an important time, during which one should be able to learn, play, and grow to their heart’s content. Through improving schools, we seek to ensure that children are provided the essential amenities of modern life and access to a quality education.


The resources and efforts of the Dalubhai Gopalbhai Patel Fund are currently employed towards improving and operating run-down government primary schools in rural parts of India. As more and more of the wealthier families of rural India are sending their children to private schools in nearby cities, moving out of villages, or emigrating, the money and resources that supports rural government schools continues to diminish.


The families of the many children that are still enrolled in these schools work as manual laborers on farms and for nearby industries and are given very low wages. Generation after generation, these impoverished families are pulled into a self-perpetuating cycle of only barely being able to afford the bare necessities. Many believe that a solution to this problem is beyond reach. However, by providing a better educational foundation and opportunities for educational advancement, we can break this cycle and create better childhoods with endless possibilities.


Our mission is to provide the children of these villages with the education, fun childhood, and better life opportunities that they need and deserve. Our mission can not be achieved without the support of many.