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Help Us Fundraise!


Donations are vital in making our mission possible. They allow children to receive a better education through an improved school setting and better living standards. All of our projects need continuous funds to keep them going. With a little creativity, everyone can find a way to raise money to support these aspiring children.


One way to get involved is to become a community representative for Tiny Smiling Faces. A community representative can help in various ways including:


  • Set up fundraisers in you community

  • Attend events on behalf of our foundation

  • Educate and encourage people to support our foundation

  • Collect clothes for donation in your community

  • Inspire others to visit their village clothes in India


If you or your organization have a fundraising idea and want to be part of the Tiny Smiling Faces Team, please let us know by filling out this Community Representative Form and emailing it to tinysmilingfaces@gmail.com. We can help with your fundraiser by giving input and providing promotional materials as well.

Tiny Smiling Faces is registered as a 501(c) designated non-profit organization under the name Dalubhai Gopalbhai Patel Fund, Inc. Donations are tax deductible.