Kuched Village School

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Kuched Gaam is a village in Navsari district, Gujarat State, India.  The Kuched Prathmik Shala School, also known as the Kuched Gaam School, has been in operation for sixty-two years providing education to students from the first through eighth grades. In the past, the children going to the school came from farm land owners from the village. Many like Dalubhai Patel got their primary education in this school.  Dalubhai later became a professor in physics. The school has provided great education for many years and graduated students have succeeded in different careers.


Over the past 15 years the government of India began to promote education to all people, including those working in farms. Children of poor family started getting free lunch and other benefits to encourage kids from all works of life to get an education. With this change more children whose parents do manual labor in the farm started going to school and over time the land owners started to shift their childrento a different school.          


With this transition, less attention was paid by the community making the condition of the school deteriorate over time. Today, 100 percent of the kids going to the school are from families who make very little money close to $2 per day and currently has over 100 students.