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New Building

Previously, due to lack of space, the computers were crammed into the 6th grade classroom and another classroom was being shared between two classes. Kamlesh Patel, one the teachers, mentioned that having a science lab would be very good for kids. They did not have an assembly hall where kids can have breakfast, group sessions, morning prayer, or dance practice.


A new building was added on and became functional in December 2014. The new building will hold an additional classroom, science lab, library/computer lab, and an assembly hall.

New Garden

Mohanbhai Patel, who was a childhood friend of Dalubhai Patel, was in charge of Kamati Baug Vadodara until he retired. He is a well know landscape designer and volunteered his services to help design the garden, layout of the new restrooms, and playground. With generous contributions from Mahesh and Vibha Patel, the garden was finished in 2013 and is very well maintained by Vimal Rathod.

Medical Day

We would like to express our gratitude to Navsari Rotary for sponsoring free health check-ups for the students. Students were given free eye and general health exams by local doctors who donated their time and skills.

Breakfast Program

Though lunch is provided by the government, we noticed that many of the children are malnourished. We started a breakfast program and are hoping to soon add an after school snack. Breakfast includes milk, juice, cookies, fruits and snacks.

School Supplies

The foundation aids in providing basic necessities such as chalkboards, uniforms, textbooks, and other supplies.

Program to Involve Local Professionals

When kids were asked what they want to be in the future, most of them said they wanted to be a teacher. This opened our eyes that most of the kids in the village had very little exposure to other professions. A program was established to invite other local professionals to be guest speakers at the school. During one such event local forest officers talked with the kids about preserving the environment, growing trees, and gave out small presents.

Field Trip

This is a great event organized with the help from many.  From transportation to food to security, lots of planning was needed for such events. Hemanshu Patel stated, "the screaming and excitement in the bus of all the kids looking forward to the trip was just breath taking and you would have loved to be there to see this excitement".  Thanks to many for making this field trip a success.

Encourage Further Education

We encourage each student to further their studies and provide assistance to those who do.  This can take the form of guidance, a bicycle for transportation, or assistance with boarding.  Kuched Gaam Education Trust provides funding for students going for further studies.  Hemanshu Patel, Champak Patel, and Ambubhai Patel help guide them and make sure children continue their education.


A new playground replaced the unusable one before. Students enjoy playing on the new equipment and have fun with friends.

Transportation Service

Recently, we started a transportation service. Now, the kids will not have to walk 2 km to get to school. The children and the parents are very happy to have this done as it makes it easier to get to school on time.

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Tiny Smiling Faces is registered as a 501(c) designated non-profit organization under the name Dalubhai Gopalbhai Patel Fund, Inc. Donations are tax deductible.