How We Do It

Tiny Smiling Faces always keeps in mind transparency, integrity, and accountability when improving a new school. Throughout the process, we ensure quality and the secure management of funds. Our systematic approach to supporting a school is effective and vital to our success. The steps below describe the method in which we improve a school in need.


We visit the school to talk with students and teachers; both students and teachers provide useful insight in what they want to see changed in their school. We learn what the school's strengths and weaknesses are and what areas need improvement. With this information, we create a preliminary plan for improvement with an appropriate time frame.


We encourage teachers and village locals to be part of the change. We establish a school board with 3-5 dedicated individuals that consists of teachers, the principal, and local villagers to oversee the needs of the school. A local school board can readily track the progress of projects and manage tasks efficiently.


We and the school board create a budget for improvements for the upcoming school year and open a bank account for the village school. This bank account is accessed by the approval of at least two school board members.


The village school starts fundraising locally and asks for support from village residents. Based on financial necessity and lacking funds, Tiny Smiling Faces funds the remaining amount. This historically has been 10-40% of the budget.


We create a Facebook page for the village school to keep updated with events and projects. Also, a standard operating procedure is given to the school and teachers to maintain quality and efficiency.


We contact non-resident indians of the village school and request one or two members take the initiative to be a representative to raise funds for the school. In this way, passionate supporters have easier access to get involved and contributions can be collected more readily.


A Tiny Smiling Faces representative will visit quarterly to review expenses and the progress of the school. We will also help fundraise for larger projects, for example, painting the school.

The cost to improve each school (100 students) is approximately $5,000 a year. The children of the school will have school supplies, breakfast, uniforms, computers, internet, and recreational equipment. Within 5 years, the school will have a playground, garden, painted exterior, and be a visibly presentable school.