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Future Goals

  • Improve conditions at Government run Day Care Centers:  There are two day cares in the village of Kuched.  Both have approximately 12 kids and have two care takers.  Some improvements are done but not everything is completed yet. We plan to finish this task in the next couple of months.


  • Add a Gazebo for kids, teachers, and visitors: Having a Gazebo next to the garden is a good complement. Everyone can have a place to sit, relax and enjoy. The work for the Gazebo has started.


  • At the entrance of the school, we plan to have a new gate installed with better fencing.  With all the other improvements made we wanted to leave no stone unturned and finish the whole school. The school will have a good image and a better look.  The work is already started to get this done.


  • Once the new building addition is in use we would shift some of the classrooms few at a time and carefully renovate the existing building with the least impact to the children's education.  This will start after the gazebo and gate is finished.  Same contractor is doing the work.


  • Currently the front of the school has no concrete and it gets muddy during monsoon season.  Also, lots of dust comes into the school.  New concrete pavement are going to be installed with the help of Tushar Desai who worked on the drainage design with engineers.  We plan to start this work in second quarter of 2015.


  • New Playground: this will be last thing done as far as renovations to the school.  The playground will provide a great ground for kids to play sports like cricket, soccer etc.